Warrior Dash

What a fun event! If you’ve never heard of a Warrior Dash and are up for a challenge you need to check it out! Essentially it’s a 5K with obstacles that need to be completed along the way. A group of friends signed up, trained, and participated in this, I on the other hand nominated myself official team cheerer and photographer.

While the only obstacle that I could really see was the last one it was still awesome to see hundreds of people army crawl under barbed wire and swim though the mud!

From what people said after they finished the race I gathered that it was a fun and challenging course, the parking on the other hand wasn’t fun for anyone. The official parking for the race was at the fair grounds which was about 8 miles away and people were shuttled to the race. Our group was lucky and ended up parking in a farmers front yard about 1 1/2 miles away and half the price and walked to the event site. I say lucky because we heard people waited over 2 hours for the buses, to say people were unhappy would be a huge understatement. Overall the event was fun for both spectators and runners, but some work needs to be done on the parking situation.

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