Museum of Science and Industry Part 1

My mom had recently gone in to have some surgery, she is doing well! So I went up to the suburbs of Chicago to go and visit my parents, I brought along two friends for the ride and for company. At the time of the visit I wasn’t sure how my mom was going to be so I wanted some moral support there with me, and they offered. Mom was doing great she had even gotten to go home from the hospital early, and was resting at home. We had gotten up early and had breakfast, but my mom insisted on me taking my friends downtown Chicago for the day because she wasn’t sure if they would have the chance to visit again. So while she rested I asked my friends if they had one thing that they wanted to see what would it be, my friend Kyle said Museum of Science and Industry. In my opinion it is one of the most hands on, loud, adventurous and just an all around fun museum. Once we had gotten to the museum and started exploring I saw my other friend Natalie making check marks on the map she had been given. When I asked her what she was doing it was she said that this was how she remembered where we had already visited, brilliant! I never thought of that but it helped out later after we had been in the museum for a while. We were able to hit every free exhibit in the place, as well as Mythbusters: The explosive exhibit (we paid extra for and it was totally worth it!). I’ll break down some of my favorite exhibits we got to go see

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibit-
This was super cool, at first I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first room we went into was mainly props from the show, which is neat but I was hoping for a more, and boy did they deliver! There was throwing cards and trying to get them to stick in a target, Kyle was the only one in our trio that was successful.


Pictured above is my friend trying the cliffhanger, I was too intimidated to even try this one. There was an exhibit where two volunteers got to go up in front of a crowd of people and try and dodge a paintball, yep, my friend Kyle went up and was able to do it! It was so cool to see it. We got to try out to see if you stayed drying while walking or running in the rain. All three of us tried to remove the table cloth from a table full of dishes, that was hard, we came so close to succeeding!

Science Storm-
This section was fun! We got to see a tornado form. There was also a giant disc that had sand on it, this was a simulation of an avalanche. What I like about this one was that people were able to control and adjust the speed of the avalanche.



That avalanche might not look very big in this picture but it was at least 10 feet in diameter! Spinning the wheel to either speed it up or slow it down wasn’t the easiest thing.

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