The gym, first time in a long time

My family and I are going to go to Disney in October so I wanted to try and get a little bit more in shape, plus it’s no long 100+ degrees everyday so I feel like I can do more than just sit in my house eating ice chips trying not to melt. It is also preseason for training! Training for what you ask…. ½ marathon training, so far I have run two. Well really 1 ½ I bailed on the second one about 11 miles in, but there were other things going on with that one. A friend of mine Kelsey mentioned that she wanted to run a ½ and to run it under 2 hours… that is about 9:20 minute miles. The good news about that is that the race is in March or April of next year, the bad news is I am nowhere near my ‘target race weight’ I may not ever hit that target, and I’m alright with that, but from experience I know that even 5 pounds lighter will make a difference. I tend to try and stay active during the winter and then relax during the summer. It’s just that during the summer there is so much going on and it’s so hot out that I don’t want to work out.

So I got up the morning to go to the gym, which let’s be real, I haven’t worked out in about a year and a half. I knew that it was going to be tough, I just didn’t realize how out of shape I really was. I went in there thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ll be good! Nothing to it.” Wrong! I had to leave the class twice because I thought I was going to pass out. The first time I left I tried to play it off as I just had to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I went back to the class and started working out again, I had to leave. The second time there was some chairs that were outside of the class that I sat in for a couple of minutes to cool down. Not exactly what I had envisioned my work out being, the friend that I went with was understanding which was a plus! I was able to go back in during the abs section of the class; it was a 45 minute class with 15 minutes of each of the following: cardio, weights, and abs. I was doing alright with the cardio, but when we were doing the triceps workout it was just too much, as soon as I put my arms up over my head I got a little dizzy. Rather than just trying to power through it I decided I would relax, and that is when I realize that not only have I not worked out in what seems like forever, I also forgot to really eat anything this morning. Fail on me, this will not get me down however I will be signing up on Thursday and will be giving myself a challenge of going three times a week for the next three weeks! I will not be defeated by this! Oh and did I mention that it was a 5:45 am class?! That alone is something that I am proud of; if I can keep up that I will be a happy camper. However it is now 10 am and I am so hungry because I’ve been up for 5 hours and I ate a banana and an apple already. I think I may just make heat up my lunch! Well give me a little bit and I’ll update you on my progress of my self-appointed challenge and my abilities to stay for an entire class!

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