Cilantro Lime Chicken in Parchment

Oh my! This chicken was not only flavorful, but juicy too! Trying to eat healthy can sometimes be a challenge for me, but I am getting better at finding food that tasty and healthy. I like chicken a lot, but most marinades call for like 2 lbs of chicken at a time, that is a bit much for me to eat within a couple of days. This is a great fix for that and it’s super easy because there is no time that is needed to marinade it. I have made this a couple of times over the last week, and even made it for a friend while she was over. As soon as I saw the idea for Lemon Herb Fish in parchment I knew that I wanted to use that method of cooking for chicken! The possibilities for this are exciting; I am going to try lemon pepper chicken cooked like this next. This recipe is made in individual packets, so if you are making this for a dinner party there can be different types of chicken made at the same time.

Cilantro Lime Chicken in Parchment

Per packet:
1 lime sliced thinly
1 chicken boneless skinless chicken breast
Pinch of salt
Olive oil

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Make cure to place the ingredients in the middle of the parchment paper. Layer: parchment paper, limes, cilantro, chicken, cilantro, salt, and a bit of olive oil, or olive oil spray.

3. Then gather two of the sides above the chicken and fold down twice, making sure to crease the paper. Then repeat with the two sides. Cook for 20-30 minutes depending on how thick the chicken is, make sure it’s no longer pink!

To round off the meal I make some brown rice and add the juice of ½ a lime and chop up a little cilantro to mix into the rice.


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