Last weekend of September

This was the last weekend of the third quarter; I cannot believe that the year has gone by so fast! There seems to be more things that I wanted to do this year. One thing that I didn’t do enough of this summer was hiking; it was just way too hot down here. There was no way that I was going to go hiking while it was 100+ degrees outside, while I love the warmth and sunshine I do not care for heat stroke and heat exhaustion. While the year is winding down, the temperatures are becoming more manageable. Sunday a group of about 8 of us went out to try a new restaurant in town called First Watch , it’s a breakfast/brunch place. The interior was fun and spring like, and the food was yummy! It was definitely a filling meal, I got the Avocado, bacon and tomato skillet hash, it came with a small side of fruit and an English muffin.

One of my friends got the Energy Bowl that had house made granola, fresh fruit and a side of low fat organic yogurt.

20121002-110504.jpgOne of my favorite things about First Watch was that you could, and I did, substitute regular eggs for egg whites at no additional charge. My least favorite thing was that coffee was $2.49, while they did leave an urn of coffee at the table so I could refill as much as I liked, I still thought that was a little pricey for coffee, considering that I only drank 1 cup. Oh well, I would still go back again, actually just writing about that skillet makes me want to go and eat one right now.

Ok after a delicious brunch with friends a couple of us went to a placed called Raven Run for a short hike. Like I mentioned earlier I have not had my fill of hiking this summer so it looks like there will be a lot of fall hiking in my future! My friend that went hiking at the Red River Gorge went hiking with me again, but Raven Run does not allow pets so she had to lie to Dakota about where she was going. I’m sure he got to go for a walk later in the day. There are several trails we could have taken, but we went to the overlook, which we got to hang out with about 30+ people on a cliff and look over the Kentucky River.

20121002-112049.jpg I love how this nature sanctuary is just about 20 minutes outside of downtown; it’s a great escape when you want to get away for a little bit. We probably did about a 1-2 mile hike, the trails at Raven Run close at 4:30 and we got there around 2:30. Next time we will need to get there earlier so that we can take the longer path and explore more, I’m not sure what these little yellow flowers were but the field of them sure was pretty to look at!

20121002-112405.jpg Until next time!

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