The Gym Challenge: Accomplished!!

Alright! A couple of weeks ago I joined a gym and started a challenge; this was a self made challenge involving only myself. It was to go to the gym 3 times a week for 3 weeks, well I changed it a bit it was to work out 3 times a week for 4 weeks! You know what? I did it! Good thing I didn’t extend it any longer than 4 weeks, because after my final workout I promptly got sick and had to take a break from the gym. Sad I know, but I would rather sit out for a week and give myself a chance to recover rather than push myself and delay my recovery. Being sick is one of my least liked states of being! Let me give you a rundown of my weeks and how I felt.

Week 1:
I did a class called Triad twice this week; it’s a 5:45 am class, it is 15 minutes cardio, 15 minutes weights, and 15 minute abs. The first time I did this class I had to leave twice because I thought I was going to pass out, really embarrassing I know, but I didn’t have anything for breakfast and was really out of shape. The second time I did this class I made it the whole time!! This class is every Tuesday and Thursday, and every Thursday the cardio is spinning. I had never done spinning before that Thursday and my friend was right when she said, “It’s not so bad when you’re standing up, it’s when you sit down that it’s going to hurt,” and it did hurt, for the rest of the day. The third class was Restorative yoga that was on a Saturday. I’m not sure this was exactly what I was looking for, but it did help me relax and be able to focus. My favorite quotes from the teacher were: “We are all just giant sunflowers” and “This is not a competition”.

Week 2:
I finally found the yoga class I was looking for! Too bad it’s on Mondays at 4:30, Mondays are hard for me and I normally work until at least 5:30 so while I loved this class and the teacher, I may not be able to do this class on a regular basis. My other two workouts this week was the Triad class, what I like about this class is that every time I go it is taught by the same girl, but the weights and abs are so different! On Tuesday we used those giant stability balls, which was killer! The Thursday class was using those bands, before this class I never really thought that I could get a good workout with those. I was wrong, very wrong!!

Week 3:
I’ve settled into a bit of a routine, I love the triad class! It’s early in the morning and it’s a complete workout. We used the body bar, which is a weighted bar and it was fun! If by fun you mean sweating profusely and having sore muscles. I also did a workout at home, since there are so many different work outs that I learned from the triad class I can do weights at home now too. Nearing the end of the third week I started to notice some differences in my body :) Not some huge weight loss or anything that drastic, but I have noticed that my muscles are more defined now, and there is less pudge around the middle.

Week 4:
The final week of my challenge! Woo hoo, I made it. I did my two triad classes, on Tuesday we used the step board for our cardio. I found out that I am not nearly as coordinated as I used to be, because I fell off my board, or I could blame it on being up really early. Thursday was definitely a day that I had to push myself to get up and go. So glad that I did that! I did weights at home again, I am really liking that a lot also went hiking. I may try a class again on the weekend, but I do like to sleep in, so we shall see. I am continuing to see a difference in my arms and legs.

I found that throughout this month long challenge that I have more energy that I did before. My confidence has definitely gone up, and that there is a difference being made. Excited to get back at the gym this upcoming week, that is if I am over my cold.

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