A Fun Filled Fall

The first weekend of October was a busy one, and looks to be just the beginning of a fun filled fall! Phantom of the Opera opened on Friday and I was lucky enough to be able to go and see it on opening night! Since the 2004 movie came out I’ve been in love with it and the music, I may secretly know all of the words to all of the songs… When a friend of mine mentioned that she was interested in going and seeing it I jumped at the offer, she has seen it two other times beside this last time. This was my first time seeing it live, though the movie is regularly played at my place. There is just something about seeing it live that makes it so much more enjoyable, be it plays, music, or sports seeing it live is the way for me. I’ve been blessed this year with being able to go to two plays, this one, and then earlier in the year I got to go to Cincinnati to see Mamma Mia.

20121008-103317.jpg After the show

There is one thing that I realized this weekend, that I’m sure I’ve always know but it smacked me in the face Saturday morning. When I am sick, which I was all week long, I forget to do things. Things like paying rent, cleaning, and laundry. I woke up Saturday morning, well it was actually about 1 in the afternoon and walked out of my bedroom and into the mess I’ve been calling my home! How in the world did I miss how bad it had gotten? The first order of business was the dishes, then tidying up before I went off the church to help out with the children’s ministry. Those kids just make my heart so happy!

After my early afternoon wake up on Saturday I knew that if I didn’t get going first thing in the morning on Sunday that there was no way I would wake up on time for work on Monday. A friend of mine that is in grad school will sometimes go to the 8:30 am church service so that she can spend the rest of the day dedicated to studying; this was one of those weekends! It was early but I was thankful I did it, I should have dedicated the rest of the day to cleaning, however I was still getting over a cold and I had just signed up for Booksneeze. A blogger friend of mine had mentioned this to me a while ago and it sounded pretty awesome. It’s a program for bloggers to receive a free copy (digital or print) of a book, what they ask for in return is for you to read the book and give an honest review, positive or negative. There are quite a few books to choose from, they are mostly Christian books. I’m excited to be reading my first book, Grace by Max Lucado. So Sunday was dedicated to resting, reading and cooking. A wonderful weekend.

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