Weekend fun!

The entire week it had been cold, around 40 or 50 degrees, I think everyone was praying for good weather for our friends wedding this past Saturday. It turned out to be a beautiful day, around 70 to 75 degrees out, and sunny! My friends met while volunteering together at serve the city, a program my church does, it spreads the message of hope and Gods love to our city. One thing I loved about their wedding was that it was centered on Christ, and that everyone was welcomed to join in the festivities. A couple of weeks before the wedding the couple had made flyers to five out to the family we meet with to invite them. It was a blast! The ceremony was in a park and the reception was just across the street! We ate, danced, took pictures and celebrated God’s covenant of marriage.


To finish the night off a friend invited the wedding guests to their house for a bonfire and snacks. I love bonfires!! Especially as the weather isn’t smoldering hot and you can really enjoy the heat from the fire. The fire had died down a bit and people had migrated back inside. Little did anyone know that a dance part was about to break out! Oh so much fun, furniture was moved and the speakers were blasting!


To round the weekend off, Sunday was a great day of relaxing and preparing for the upcoming week. I was listening to Pandora to a station that my friend Amanda had recommended to me, Gustavo Santaolla. I felt like I had been transported to the beach, it was really calming. Went to bed pretty early and got up in time to go to my first spinning class this a.m. Which was super intense but fun.

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