What I learned this first week

This first week flew by! This is kind of a long read but I hope you can find it helpful

Lessons from the first week of the challenge:

1. Preparation is key!
“Eating healthy takes to much time” “I’m too busy, all I want is something quick and easy” excuses I’ve found myself using. Yes, healthy eating does take some time, but if you prepare it ahead of time it can be quick. I went out and gathered some supplies; a food scale, snack size plastic bags and some small containers. I had never really thought of buying a food scale before, but I’ve realized that what I think a portion is and what it actually is can be different. I do one of two things to prepare my meals, the first is, if I plan on having a hot meal at lunch I will do some cooking on Sunday and then divide up my portions in the containers and reheat the leftovers at work. However, this week I ate salads for lunch so I’ve been preparing them in the morning. I am NOT a morning person, but I know that if I want a salad for lunch I have to make it that morning, there is something about soggy lettuce that creeps me out. After I get back from the gym in the morning and am done with breakfast (I’m going to go through what I’ve been eating a little later) I start on cutting up veggies for lunch while my coffee is brewing. Making sure to have premeasured snacks is really important, once I am just starting to feel hungry I will eat a snack to hold me over until the next meal. The ideal is to eat healthy small meals without starving myself, under eating can lead to binge eating. It may seem a little intense, but I went on the CDC website and did a BMI test, and was not happy to find that for my weight and height I was considered overweight.

2. I’m going to fail.
I’ve already ‘failed’ actually. Last Thursday I started this challenge and was super pumped about it, and then I slept through my Friday class. Waking up at 6:15 am when the spinning class started at 5:45 meant that class was now in the past, how I reacted to this setback early in the challenge would shape my attitude for the entire challenge. I had two options to choose from; give up because I failed so soon and was going to continue to fail, or get up, move on, and learn from it. I chose to move past it, now giving myself grace and forgiveness is sometimes hard for me to do, but this setback will not cause me to become derailed. I realize that there are going to be days that it’s just not going to work, either not being able to work out, or sometimes slipping when it comes to healthy eating. Also a friend of mine mentioned that it might also be a good thing to give myself at least a single day of rest during the week. She’s right, by the way! It was a good thing she mentioned it before I kept trying and get discouraged when I didn’t make it, or worse, succeeding in going every day and getting either hurt or completely burnt out and quitting. I am going to try and go to the gym 5 times a week, I know that I will see a difference with this; I saw a difference with going 2-3 times a week.

3. “Are you eating?”
A very real question that I was asked and something everyone should keep in mind when trying to lose weight. The answer should always be yes! To be honest I am actually eating more often and more food then I was before I started this challenge! I literally eat from the time I wake up to about 1-2 hours before I go to bed. Here’s a rundown of a normal days food intake:

Banana (pre-workout)
Apple (post workout)
Omelet (breakfast)
Cottage Cheese (morning snack)
Salad (lunch)
Grapes (afternoon snack)
Something sweet (mid afternoon pick me up)
Veggie wrap with a side of brown rice and snow peas (dinner)
Hummus and veggies (evening snack)

I’ve said before that I’m using Livestrong to make sure that I am eating enough calories and being healthy. Under eating will be more harmful than beneficial, lack of proper nutrients works against your body’s metabolism. Below are some articles from Livestrong about the effects of under eating.



Main Points:
1. Prepare your food ahead of time, so when you get hungry there is something healthy to eat rather than bingeing on junk food
2. Don’t overwork yourself! Allow your body to rest or it could result in injury.
3. Setbacks happen, don’t quit or beat yourself up when they do
4. EAT!!! Fuel your bodies so you can build muscle and tone, use a calorie counter to make sure that you are eating enough if you want.

Hope this was helpful.

The Challenge
Home Stretch! Crunch time

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