Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Crazy Love is a book about God’s amazing and crazy love for us. I read this book with a friend, and it was recommended by several other friends. This is a very interactive and challenging book. Interactive because they are free videos you can watch and bible passages that you are encouraged to look up. One of my favorite parts of this book is when the author Francis Chan tells the reader to put the book down, either to take time and reflect on what was just talked about, or to read a story from the bible that reaffirms a pint made in his book. One thing I learned about myself from this book is that unless I am intentionally trying to absorb what I’m reading I have a tendency to kind of zone as I read! Not that I am doing this on purpose, but there are so many things that go on in my head that if I read for long periods of time I don’t always remember what I’ve read. That is when I am most grateful for the sentences that say ‘stop and really let that last sentence soak in’. Our culture is bombards us with so many words, pictures, advertisements that it is easily to become overwhelmed and just glance by a major point being made. By using the various techniques to get you involved with what you are reading Francis does a great job of keeping the reader fully engaged. By not only ready, but watch, hearing and reflecting on the texts helps to keep from rushing through the text and being able to listen to what God is trying to say to you. Crazy Love challenged me and helped me focus and concentrate on the text I was reading. One of my favorite lines from this book is: “I am thankful for the unknowns because it makes me run to God” (pg. 45), how true, there are so many things that I don’t know, one thing I do know is that God loves me, no matter what and will always be there for me. While discussing this book with a friend I thought that she was dead on when she said, “He has a way of making you feel bad about the ungodly things you’ve done in your life, but before it gets out of hand he reminds you that you are saved through grace.” While Crazy Love is written in a conversational tone that is easy to understand, make sure to take the time that is given to soak it in and be in awe of our creator and the crazy love He has for us.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Love by Francis Chan

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