Oh November

What a fun couple of weeks I’ve had! The first weekend of November the middle school students at my church and their leaders went to Boyd’s Orchard , third time this year I’ve gotten the chance to go there. Each time I’ve gone it’s been a different experience, but always a good one! You can read about those visits here and here This was the first time I was there at night, I got to scare students in the corn maze, make s ‘mores at the bonfire, and hang out with some really awesome students and leaders! That night was just filled with bonfires! After I left Boyd’s I stopped by a friend’s house where we were celebrating a birthday and were outside by the fire. Another friend was there and brought his guitar and amazing voice! Having live music makes everything better! It just does. During the week has been fun too, I’ve gotten the chance to eat dinner with friends on several occasions. There is something about sitting down with people around a meal that just bring us closer together.

This past weekend, well really it was Saturday that was a whirlwind of fun. In the morning there was a get together with some of the leaders involved in Children’s Ministry, and there was breakfast there too! Loved, just loved the display of fruit that someone brought.

What a beautiful day Saturday turned out to be. It’s November, I would normally think it would be cold, while this week was chilly the weekend was great. It was in the 60’s and even some of the flowers around my place were in bloom!

Apparently there was an earthquake that happened in eastern Kentucky that was felt in several surrounding states, I didn’t feel a thing.

The earthquake didn’t stop my friend’s wedding from going on either! They got married with a castle in the background!

20121116-134745.jpg I love how every wedding I’ve been to has been a little bit different to reflect the couple’s personal tastes. We were talking with someone about how there got married 10+ years ago and that weddings were pretty much all the same then.

After the wedding the fun didn’t stop, I met up with some friends to celebrate another birthday! There seems to be a lot of birthday’s this month. We hung out; I ate some more cake, and played fishbowl, the most amusing game ever! If you all are unfamiliar with this game here’s a rundown of it: each person there gets 3 slips of paper and writes down a person, place or thing and then places the papers in a bowl. Split the group up into two teams and have someone who can be a timer. Each team has one minute to get as many as possible, when the one minute is up it’s the next teams turn, this continues until all the slips are used up and then the next round starts. The first round is like catch phrase, you can say anything except the word, and act it out if you want. Round two is strictly charades no noise!! And the third and final round is just saying one word. Another one of our friends has added a bonus fourth round to this game, sounds, and no words or actions. That can be a very interesting round!! Do you have a party game that you love that is always played at get togethers?

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