‘Tis the Season

Friday morning started out with some Christmas cheer that I had hoped would lasted throughout the weekend. During my morning spinning class we did a workout that ended up with us singing the 12 days of Christmas, trust me it was fun! Friday afternoon changed the tone of the weekend, during the weekend festivities, where several of my friends work with children, or are teachers, we remember the events that had happened. We prayed for the ones that went to heaven, and asked Jesus to be with the families and community in Newtown CT, as well as with our nation as we try and process and heal from those horrific events that took place in that elementary school. To be honest, I cannot even begin to imagine what that community is going through, for me the appropriate action is to pray for them right now. “Then they sat on the ground with him for seven days and seven nights. No one said a word to him, because they saw how great his suffering was” Job 2:13.

Several events took place Friday evening, the children’s ministry at my church was having a Christmas party for the leaders who volunteer, and there was lots of yummy food there! There was some kind of punch that was just so tasty; I’ll need to get the recipe for that! Two of my friends got engaged! So very excited for them, they are both just so wonderful!! 20121217-131804.jpg After that a co-worker was throwing an ugly sweater party. There was just dance on the Wii, a contest to see who had the best ugly sweater, and then an epic game of fish bowl. Having a get together with co-workers is always an adventure; I always find it interesting seeing people outside of the environment that I normally see them in. I brought some gingerbread men to both of the Christmas parties, the recipe will be posted soon!!

Saturday my cousin graduated nursing school! Yay! Go Amanda!! That evening was Christmas party

20121217-131917.jpg actually another ugly sweater party, and I created mine for the evening.

20121217-132009.jpg There was massive amounts of food to snack on (I made some peppermint sugar blossoms, the recipe will be posted tomorrow), games of pool being played and even some piano playing going on! We all brought a white elephant gift

20121217-132109.jpg we could not buy anything for this gift exchange, it had to be something that was around the house, played guess the Christmas carol from pictures. The first game we played as a group reminded me of hot potato or musical chairs. There was a gift that had 20 layers of wrapping paper and under each layer was a gift. Music was played and whoever had the gift when the music stopped got to open a layer and keep the gift, I got a pack of 35 pirate tattoos!

Sunday was a bit more laid back compared to the rest of the weekend. A few friends came over for appetizers and games. Bananagrams is a staple for these get togethers;

20121217-132253.jpg when we play there are no inappropriate words, so we tried saying fat wasn’t appropriate. It didn’t work, there is however one person who is the master of all board/card/word games and her name is Natalie. It doesn’t matter if it is the first time she has ever played a particular game or not, she will win the majority of the matches! So there was bananagrams, which if you’ve never played and enjoy scrabble or other word games you need to try this, Uno, Blink, and finally Rumi. Went to church that evening and then had a relaxing rest of the night and watched the Carebear Nutcracker Suite. Just enough time to unwind and get ready for the upcoming week!

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