First workout challenge of 2013

My cousin is amazing; she just finished her nursing degree and is hilarious. When I first moved to Lexington she was one of the two people I knew in Kentucky. She is on a journey to fitness and I kind of stalk her blog on a regular basis, but we’re family so it cool. While I was looking at her blog I noticed she is in the process of a 4 week workout plan. I think I just found my first challenge of the New Year! Before the holidays I was pretty consistent with my working out and weight loss. That all changed when I went to my parents for Thanksgiving. Not sure about you, but when the normal routine of life changes everything goes out the window. Be that a change in scenery will affect my work out schedule, or a change in my sleeping cycle will affect my eating habits, strange that something that doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal can have such drastic affect on my life. I’m apparently more structured that I thought, and like schedules more then I realized, who knew? So while I have a wonderful workout partner that has helped me get back into the habit of working out I still feel as if I’ve taken two steps backwards for all of my previous progress. I’m in need of a good challenge to kick start my progress again! It’s also great to have a little something extra to do for days, like this morning, that I oversleep and missed my morning workout. Now I have been trying to workout Monday through Friday with one day a week I’m allowed to miss, let’s be honest there are just those mornings where staying in my nice warm bed wins the battle, especially in winter.

Working out is NOT a New Year’s resolution, it is a personal decision towards a healthier lifestyle I started a couple of years ago when I decided to start with the couch to 5K workout. Let me give you a quick synapse of my life after that decision: winter 2009 starting couch to 5K, my running partner invited me to church, have gone weekly since then and my life has changed, did a 5K and then trained and ran a ½ marathon in Louisville 2010, took the summer off, started training for my second ½ fall/winter of 2010, ran another ½ in early 2011 and then nothing until September of 2012 when I starting going to the gym.

During the training for my first ½ I learned how much eating the correct foods mattered and since then my eating habits have turned to being a little healthier then they have been in the past, I now have to stick with the working out. Sometimes I get bored with working out, that’s the great thing about my self-appointed challenges! It not about trying to win against someone else, I’m doing this so that I can win against myself. So that by the time I finish a challenge I can look back and see the improvement that I made from when I started. I think that this so important, rather than try and compare myself to other people, I am comparing myself to myself. However my only New Year’s resolution is this: If I am late to anything I have to do 1 pushup per minute late, I’m bound to have the best tank top arms come spring!

The Challenge:
First I would like to say that I am glad this workout plan comes from Fitness magazine, the reason, is the eating plan and suggested foods that goes along with it will be healthy and safe. Sometimes I wonder about the ‘quick fix diets’ that are sometimes advertised in the magazines that randomly show up in my mailbox. If by chance you know who is signing me up for these subscriptions please tell to STOP, within the last month I’ve gotten three different types of magazines sent to me… Back to the challenge that I am embarking on though: It’s a 4 week program with 20 minute sessions! There are video instructions, diet, and workout journal all here. Boy am I glad that the workout journal starts on a Monday so that means that I am only one day behind, I ate healthy and went to the gym yesterday so I’ll do some weight training today! Woo Hoo!!! We are going to say January 7th 2013 is the official beginning of this Challenge! By February 4th it will be completed. I’ll make sure do write a follow up to let you know how it goes.

Are you currently doing a workout challenge? If so what is it? And how is it currently going? Should I try it out next?

The original post that inspired my first workout challenge of the New Year:

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