12 Week Winter Weight Loss Challenge

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After I already committed to this workout challenge which also I signed up for a different area of focus each month. I’m not 100% sure what I signed myself up for, but I believe that each month I will be getting a new workout challenge automatically sent to my e-mail. I think that’s kind of fun!! So after I already decided to do that challenge I got an email from the office stating this:

Whether you feel like you are way over weight or simply want to drop a few extra pounds, this is the challenge for you! Join the Winter Weight Loss Challenge.
This is how it works:
· It’s a 12 week challenge with the first weigh in on 1/18/13.
· We will have two groups:
o Group A – Lose 4% of your body weight in 12 weeks
o Group B – Lose 8% of your body weight in 12 weeks
· Once you choose which group you want to participate in, you cannot jump to the other group.
· It costs $20 to join the challenge to be paid by 1/25/13. If you don’t pay by then, you are dropped out of the challenge.
· Winners in each group split the pot with the winners in their group! As an added incentive, we will DOUBLE THE POT!
· If you don’t lose your percentage…you lose your $20.
· The person that loses the highest percentage of weight receives the “Biggest Loser” trophy at the end of the challenge. They keep it until the next challenge.
· Weigh ins are every Friday at your office’s Focal Point’s desk.
o Weekly weigh ins are not mandatory, but recommended to help keep you on track. The first and last weigh ins are required and must be verified by the Focal Point.
· Employees have the option to weigh in with their shoes on or off during the first weigh in. Whatever is decided will be the way for that individual to weigh in at the final weigh in.
· There are no rules to how you lose the weight.
· The challenge ends on 4/12/13.
We encourage anyone who feels the need for a change to participate. Work as a team to support each other, set milestones and help keep your location’s team on track.

Well you better believe I’m going to sign myself up for that! I figured that I could do both since one is just about how much you lose and not a specific workout plan that they want you to follow. I did look at another challenge that I may start myself on next month. I say challenge, but it is more of just adding in exercises that focus on my abs, a place that I have always struggled with to tone. While I can see more muscle definition in almost all areas of my body, that is except my stomach. I know this is a huge struggle for most women, it has become a little flatter but there is still work that can be done.

I’ve continued on with my normal workouts of M W F spinning and T TH triad classes. These challenges that I embark on are just to spice things up, to give myself some short term goals to work towards, rather than just trying to lose weight.

What do you do to not get in a workout rut? How often do you switch up your workout routines? Or does yours stay the same?

Beginning the 18th I will be starting my second challenge of the year, and January isn’t even over yet! Wish me luck guys! I’ve got a feeling I’m going to need it. I’m still trying to decide if I want to go with trying to lose 4% or 8% of my body weight. The 8% would be closer to my target weight that I want to eventually get down to I’m a little concerned because over my 6 week challenge I only lost 4 lbs but more than 12 inches. The office challenge is specifically about weight loss and not inches, I still have a couple of days to decide, as of right now it’s looking like I’ll be going into the 4% group. I’m looking to slim down but mostly work on my muscle definition rather than weight loss, the weight will come off but I want to be toned first!

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