Christmas, New Years, and the start of 2013

I realized today that it was the middle of the month and I haven’t really mentioned much of what I’ve been doing besides working out. While I love a good workout, it is not the only thing going on in my life. Please excuse if this becomes a bit lengthy.
Christmas: My family lives out of state, and while I’d love to spend the time with them, driving 6 hours can be a little dangerous during the holidays. Especially since most of the trek is through Indiana, which is pretty flat, so any kind of snow just blows and covers up the highways, even if it’s just been plowed. Another thing is the weather changes fast! I have literally just watched as the temperatures have drop mile by mile. There was one time I drove through an ice storm into a blizzard, not my ideal travel weather. So in order to calm everybody’s nerves I visit on Thanksgiving and then when the north begins to thaw. Normally someone will adopt me for the holidays, and I volunteer a lot at church so I’m not alone on Christmas. This year was super special, I hosted at my place. It was so fun, my friend’s mom was in town and we made homemade enchiladas, Mexican rice, and beans. It was some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had! I will make sure to put the recipes up here.
New Years! What a fun night it was! A friend opens up his place of business and all our friends get together and have a great time. There are several awesome reasons I love this the most, it is either friends or friends of friends so there isn’t the worry that one might have if you were to go out to a club on New Years. The entry fee, have you ever tried to go out on New Years? It is expensive! We did pay, but it was a relatively small amount and half of it went to this company that does random acts of kindness throughout my city. How cool is that?

20130116-103842.jpg With the New Year come resolutions… I’m not normally one of those people who makes them, because why do I have to wait to the New Year to start changing my life? However, my dear friend came up with this in her own life and I really liked it, because I’m not always on time to things. Here it is, whenever you are late, to anything in your life, you have to do 1 push up per 1 minute late. Let me just tell you now it can get SUPER awkward, or hilarious depending on if you are doing the pushups or watching. Once I’ve said I will do something though, I have to follow through on it. I’m either going to be the most punctual person after this year, or have killer arms either way it’s a win!
On to 2013, woo hoo! A new year, I believe that it is true that time flies when you get older. It often times seems like the year is over before I know it! That is why I think it’s so important to try and do everything I can to make a difference with the time that I have. Do I get sidetracked and sometimes need to stop and refocus my priorities, often, but the key for me at least is to not let these bumps in the road stop the journey that I’m on. To realize that every day is a new day with new chances to help others, and that every day brings new mercies and a chance to do better than yesterday. This is what my focus of the year will be, to do a little better than I did the day before. One of the things I’m working on is having a journal/planner/scrapbook. A working project and is attended to on a weekly basis, to put it into words while the memories are fresh in my mind so that I can look back later and be able to have a clearer picture of what my year looked like. Some fun things that I got to be part of this year was an awesome pizza making event with friends


20130116-104002.jpg got to watch basketball game with a bunch of wonderful friends. I’m finally starting to get into watching basketball, it’s huge in my town.

20130116-104059.jpg that’s a pretty dark picture but I didn’t want to blind everyone with a flash. One thing in January that I’m really excited about is the Girls Club Fitness and Dance Class. What a great idea, we get some of the girls from the neighborhood to come together and hang out, dance, devotional time, and learn about healthy lifestyles. This will be going on all January long. This past Monday was the first class, and it was a huge hit!


Hope the start of 2013 has treated you well so far.

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