I’ve lost the wagon

I not only fell off the exercise wagon I had completely lost sight of it! I don’t even know how it started, missing one day lead to missing a week and before I knew it three weeks had gone by. I thought that after you had done something 20-30 times it becomes a habit, apparently not for me. I’ve been working out consistently since September and still just completely stopped.

I found that when I wasn’t working out I was TIRED! I would come home from work and just veg out, and couldn’t find the time to do what I used to do. I even kind of slacked from here too, which makes me sad because I haven’t stopped cooking but I’ve stopped writing about it. I started this blog maybe 6 months ago, I still have lots of recipes to try out and still love food.

I’ve even slacked at cleaning my apartment, how did it get so messy so fast? I mean I’m out and about most of the time, I shouldn’t have time to make that big of a mess. It reminds me of my when my friend mentioned hating to take out the garbage can, and sometimes she just starts a new bag. Before she knows it she’s taking out three bags of garbage! She lives by herself how does she get that much garbage? Well I know how she feels I just started my third bag.

Crazy how small little changes to my life have snowballed out of control! Now I am not saying that all of this happened because I stopped working out, but the lack of energy is directly affected. There were several little things that seemed to stop at the same time and they all just added up to a giant mess!!

That is changed this morning! Yesterday I got a message from one of the ladies that works at the gym, making sure I was alright. Can I just tell you, that was exactly what I needed, something I probably wouldn’t have said a couple of years ago. One of the things I like best about the gym I go to is the people that work there and that it’s small enough that I don’t feel lost in the crowd. This maybe because at 5:45 in the morning there is a pretty small but regular crowd that comes in, I’m sure it’s busier during the after work and weekend times.

After the workout this morning I remembered why I loved working out so much. I just felt better this morning and felt as if I had more energy, and was ready to face the day!

Every break from your routine and find it is super hard to get back on track? What are some ways you get yourself out of a rut?

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