It’s still winter :(

I know it’s only the 2nd of march but for some reason I figured flowers would bloom trees would get their leaves and spring would happen over night. Not the case! as I was having my morning cups of java 20130302-111412.jpg I do love to drink my coffee and read on the weekends. A really amazing was to get focused and ready for what the day has in store. Back to the point, I could sit and talk about reading and drinking coffee forever! Well I look out my window and what do I see?

20130302-111731.jpg you may not be able to see it, but I see these little white flakes falling from the sky.

Yes, snow is beautiful, but I’m trying to get people together to go hiking next weekend! Hiking in the snow isn’t something I want to experience. I’m hoping the weather predictions were accurate when it said next Saturday would be in the mid 50’s. Keep your fingers crossed, so I can show you all the beauty of Gods creation at the Red River Gorge!

Also I found a list of a bunch trails that I’m going to try and tackle this summer! Fun, right?!? Some of the trails are super short and close to one another so hopefully we can knock a couple out on a single trip. I found this blog that does a better job than I could ever imagine at describing the trails and how to get to the trailhead. I’ll link to them because my directions would go something like this: “find the curvy road, suddenly turn left, go over a bridge and follow the gravel road till it ends.” For real, that’s how you get to Auxier Ridge. Hoping the weather warms up a bit for next weekend!

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