Double Arch Trail

I’ve been hiking in the Red River Gorge since summer of 2009, a big challenge was finding online resources for trails. I found this great resource online. After finding that website, I decided to also check out a couple of books from the local library I got: Hiking the Red by: members of the Bluegrass Group Sierra Club, and Red River Gorge Trail Guide by: Jerrel Goodpaster. So I did some reading before hitting the trail on Sunday.

Sunday was a great day to go for a hike, it was in the 60’s and sunny. Normally when I hike we start early in the morning, we left around 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday though. Thankfully it was early enough in the year where it’s not super hot in the afternoons yet. We were originally hoping to hit up two different trails but with the time we made one, we went on the Double Arch Trail.

The beginning of the trail is this

20130311-124900.jpg for about a mile or so before reaching the trailhead. As you can tell I am clearly excited to get started

20130311-125008.jpg this trail is an out and back so you are looking at around 4 miles including the gravel road section, this marker was about ¼ to ½ a mile in after the trailhead. Here are my hiking companions for the day.


20130311-125348.jpg Precious puppy I know!!!

If you look up at the right spot on the trail you’ll be able to get a sneak peek at the arch this trail ends at.

20130311-125532.jpg Really throughout the entire trail any time you look up you’ll get the chance to look at some great sandstone cliffs.


From the arch there are views of the surrounding country. The below picture is the Auxier Ridge trail, one of my favorites!


20130311-125909.jpg Look! It’s me under the double arch!!


20130311-130027.jpg More pictures of the double arch.

I was so happy to start off what I hope to be a long season of hiking this weekend, and to be able to get a start on checking off items on my adventure planning! As weird as it sounds I kind of miss the smelling of bug spray after a long hike, what I don’t miss is making sure no ticks have attached themselves to me! Gross, those things freak me out! I cannot wait to try and hike all spring, summer and fall long

What are some of the things you are most excited to start up again this spring?

Other hikes I’ve gone on this season:
Gray’s Arch
Whittleton Branch Trail

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