Strike a Pose – Cincinnati Zoo Style

I find that when going to a museum, zoo or really any public place imitating the animals or statues or paintings can capture some of the best pictures of your friends and you. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts going places with people who like to have fun is key to making it an amazing experience. This is the final and possibly the funniest installment on the Cincinnati Zoo.

What animal am I?

20130507-110522.jpg What has black and white stripes? Kyle of course!

Maybe if I act like one I’ll gain the speed of a cheetah? Not so much but it was worth a try.


20130507-110847.jpg Are the real flamingos the ones in the above picture or the below picture? I just don’t know…

The prettiest bears at the zoo.

Is there anything more awkward than a turtle, only people pretending to be an awkward turtle.


When statues are scattered throughout parks sometimes they can be overlooked in favor of the living exhibits, animals. This is the; become living art! Bringing living elements to those statues.

Do you see the raw emotion she has captured here?

One of the joys of doing this in public is that there are numerous people that benefit and get a great laugh out of it. During this picture we saw the guide who spoke at the Cheetah Run, he laughed at us :)


You can grow up to be anything you want! Like an archeologist.

This before and after is wonderful, of course I like the after picture much better!


20130507-112732.jpg Watch out Carolyn! Thankfully the guy in the next picture came to the rescue and saved her! It was a close one there for a few moments.


Sometimes taking these amazingly awesome photos doesn’t go exactly as planned, it’s not always easy taking fun pictures. There are a few things to note before scrolling down. 1- I had no idea what was going on, other than I was getting pulled on 2- Check out the expression on the little kid in the background, we are probably the strangest adults he’s ever encountered and 3- nobody was hurt making these pictures.






Success finally!


Like I’ve mentioned before Carolyn Loves! Elephants, unfortunately they had their backs to us for most of the time, but that didn’t stop us from capturing some great pictures with them!


These last couple of ones didn’t really fit into the other categories but are still fun!

Bear Hug!

We discovered some hidden talents for example Kyle is a Butterfly Whisperer in his spare time. He was even featured in his local newspaper displaying this skill when he was younger!! Local celebrity here guys.


Me just being a punk.. And below is Kristen doing an awesome photobomb.

He says he was taking a picture of the cheetahs, but since it is so unlike him we like to pretend this is a picture of Kyle taking a selfie! Hilarious!!

Wow he’s just like a scuba diver in the Manatee Springs

One of these is not like the others!! Those goats have no idea that there is a lion in their midst.


If when you go to the zoo you don’t have these kind of pictures I would definitely recommend taking some on your next adventure!

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