Gray’s Arch

Gray’s Arch

This hike was during the last weekend of May, my friend Kate, her pup Tux and I went out to the Red River Gorge. Several years ago during my first summer exploring the Gorge I took this trail with a couple of friends and was amazed at how big the boulders below the arch was. I’m not sure why I would think things would be very different this time! The boulders were still enormous.


It’s a moderate trail about 4 miles, there are several sets of stairs, being that it was Memorial Day weekend when we went the trail was full of people. Although this is one of the more popular trails in the area, beside Natural Bridge, which has a ski lift. Tux, a very sweet pup came along for the hike, he was having a blast after he had gotten used to all the new smells along the trail.

20130610-204710.jpg Here he is scouting out the other people on the trail.

20130610-204803.jpg The trail goes up to right below the arch, we didn’t go that far, since it was pretty steep and we didn’t want Tux to pull us down it, he’s a strong pup! This is a great trail with really pretty views, the stairs were recently redone at the time of our hike and were in great condition. Now on to some pictures of our hike!

20130610-204852.jpg Kate and Tux

20130610-204934.jpg Kate and I


20130610-205147.jpg Boulders near the arch.

20130610-205231.jpg Tux chillin on the ride home, precious!

Cabin Fever = Adventure Planning
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