Blog war…

What was I thinking… I’m not really sure. Since I jump without really looking where I’ll be landing this is just another example of that, a friend of mine Erin Life in Act IV, mentioned that her and some friends were doing Blog Wars. It sounded like fun so I decided I wanted to join too! After I signed on I looked at some of the blogs I was competing against like Cory A Multitude of Drops, Kelcie at On the Fringes, who along with Erin are the organizers of this event. The other newcomer like me is Dut at Revelation in Reverie.

My normal posts are about food, hiking and the general awkwardness of my daily life. I’m hoping this war will help me branch out a little bit. After looking at the other warriors blogs I realize I’m going to have to step up my game and purchase a thesaurus. Be prepared all this is a month long battle, and I’m going to be making a lot of food and maybe read a book or two.

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