Hiking, hiking, hiking

We did a lot of hiking this past weekend. I’m well on my way to completing the Red River Gorge Hiking expedition on my summer bucket list. With the hikes this past weekend I’ve covered 9 trails! I’m so thankful for the friends that I have that allow me to drag them along on my adventures; especially after we found a copperhead on our last trail

Hidden Arch Trail #208
We started out on trail #220, Koomer Ridge Trail before it intersected with #208. This was the least travelled of the trails we ventured on. The trail was partly overgrown; but my biggest concern wasn’t copperheads, it was Kristen! She’s an adventurous one, and I didn’t want to have to tell her husband (of less than a month) how I let her fall of the side of a cliff.

We made it!! Thankfully I had my “big” camera with me.

The big camera has a timer on it, so I set it and then busted a move to get into position and pretend like I didn’t almost fall over and crack my head.

We hiked along the trail until we came to a fork in the road and decided to take a snack break, since nobody wants to see me hangry!


Silvermine Arch Trail #225
Thankfully this trail was in the same general area as Hidden Arch Trail, so we meandered around the camping area until we found this second trail. Be prepared this trail has stairs.

If you’ve hiked Gray’s arch before you’ll be fine! There are only 78 stairs on this one. Once we found the arch we climbed around a bit.



This is such a pretty arch.


Sky Bridge #224
Oh how I love this trail, it is one of the few heavily trafficked trails that I truly enjoying.


My enjoyment probably just has to do with nostalgia since this was the first trail in the Red River Gorge I hiked back in 2009. Especially since this time it was infested with horseflies, and there is absolutely no fun what so ever in getting bitten by a horsefly, it hurts! If you look really close on the next picture you can see one attached to my forehead. Ugh I still itch thinking about it.

20130706-121008.jpg There she goes again, and this time she got Carolyn to join her, it is one of my favorite pictures of them though.


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