I have the internet!!

Hey all!! I know, I’ve been a little MIA lately, hopefully that is over. Something not many of you may know is that I didn’t have internet before, oh I don’t know, about 20 minutes ago. What? How can that be? You may be wondering, especially since I’ve been blogging for over a year! Well to be honest, all this time, I’ve been blogging from my phone. Needless to say I’m super pumped about being able to use an actual keyboard to express my thoughts and yummy treats I prepare. Why if I’ve been going 5 years strong without internet did I finally cave? I’m a college student again! Ah, right?! I thought that it would be great to go back and learn some more stuff. Being the dinosaur that I am, I mistakenly thought that if I went to class I would need a book and to remember to turn in my homework, wrong! My math class has all the assignments and even the book online. So here I am, with the internet, you all have been warned! I’m hoping that I will be able to be more active on my blog now that it is easier to write the posts, although it looks like I’ll have some learning to do with writing posts on an actual computer. Well it is a beautiful day out today and I’ve got the windows open and have to get back to studying for my test this weekend! I should have a treat or dinner recipe up soon!


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