Hey there!

I love chocolate cake!

I love chocolate cake!

I’m so glad that you stopped by! This is a little bit of everything, I wanted to start a blog so that I could keep track of the recipes I’ve made and the places I’ve visited. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the posts and stop by again. The picture to the right is me doing one of my favorite things… eating chocolate cake! I remember as a little girl my father would sneak us some chocolate cake for breakfast when my mom wasn’t looking. I’ve had a sweet tooth since, and I love to bake and try new things. When I moved to Kentucky I only knew how to make a handful of things, chicken patties, tater tots, fried rice, and grilled cheese. No joke! I’m just happy that, that is no longer the case. Trust me, if I can cook you can.

4 thoughts on “Hey there!

  1. Good to see your back….kind of. Your recent post seems to of disappeared. I checked in about a week ago and it said your site was now private. Your the first person that I have not met that followed my RRG site. I’ll always remember that. I’m not much on cooking but I do check your post out for ideas on camp dinners.

    • Really? Private, huh I’ll have to look into that, I have no idea why it would do that. I do really like the pictures and posts on your blog. The RRG is one of my favorite things about Kentucky!! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get to hike there, especially as fall approaches :) Until I am able to get out there and hike I’ll just have to vicariously live through your blog posts.

    • Haha I enjoyed the challenge, but I feel like I may need to relearn everything again because the desktop version is so different! And I have to check my spelling, my phone normally just autocorrects it

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