Museum of Science and Industry Part 2

Like I mentioned in the first post about the Museum of Science and Industry my friend Natalie was keeping us on track and making sure that we made it to all the exhibits. There was one place that we weren’t allowed to go, and that was The Idea Factory. Apparently that was only for children, and trust me we almost snagged some kids walking by to try and get in but didn’t.

The Science Storm continued
I realized after I had posted the first part that I had forgotten some parts of this section! There was a ripple tank, I’m not sure how to explain them, so please look at the picture below. This is a picture from the second floor looking down. There was also this giant cube, that from the outside it looked like it was randomly changing colors, but in reality people were controlling it from the inside.

We were able to see Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle, which was a huge dollhouse, huge!! And it absolutely amazed me the amount of detail that went into it, there was actual running water in the bath tubs. She had collected a bible that had writing in it, I believe it was one of the smallest bibles there is, can you imagine trying to write that? The china that was in the kitchen was one of two sets ever made

Genetics and Baby Chicken Hatchery
From growing up near Chicago I knew what to expect with this exhibit, that most of the space would have a few people but one section of it would be PACKED with people. There is just something about seeing baby chickens hatching that draws city people like nothing else, I mean it was 3-4 people deep around the incubator. Kyle, who lives on farm, was excited to see what everybody else just had to see. His response: “Baby chickens?!?! I have chickens at home!”. Needless to say he was also kind of amazed that there was a farm exhibit at the museum as well.

20120831-124618.jpg On the other hand I was acting like a little kid in the farm exhibit.

Transportation Gallery:

Planes, trains and automobiles!!! There was a plain that we could sit it, we were all going to take a picture like this picture and send it to people and say that we decided to jump on a plane and go to Hawaii for the weekend.

The Whispering Gallery
This was something I remembered from when my grade school took a field trip here. I just absolutely love this exhibit and think it’s the coolest thing! This was one of the last things we saw, and we were all pretty tired near the end. It was hard to even stand on the escalator.


In my own personal opinion no trip to the Chicagoland area would be complete without getting some deep dish pizza. Both Natalie and Kyle had never had Chicago style pizza, so we when to Giordanos to have lunch the final day of our stay. This is them seeing it for the first time :)


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