A fun Halloween

I knew that even though I missed a couple of Halloween parties this past weekend while I was off hiking that I would see my friends at other Halloween parties around town. Tuesday night is a great example of this, the church I attend partnered with another local church to throw a giant party for children of all ages! I saw so many people there; playing basketball, holding the limbo stick, face painting, hair dying, dancing, showing kids where the petting zoo was, and just running around having a great time. There was so much going on, everybody was having a wonderful time! I was able to borrow some gear from my friends at the local fire department (how cool! Right?!), and a friend dressed up as a Dalmatian.

20121101-171419.jpg Another person I was excited to be at the Halloween party with was my co-leader for our middle school lifegroup. I love knowing that she has such a great heart, serving and investing in the next generation! Here we are Tuesday night, “it’s raining cats and dogs” completely suitable for this year’s Halloween!!

20121101-171652.jpg The next night I got the chance to attend another Halloween party with my girls from the my middle school lifegroup! There are normally around 10-12 girls in the group but a lot of them were out and about. No worries, though, we had just enough for what my co had in mind. Rock, Paper, Scissors!! We pulled another person and my co and the other girl had a match where the rock, paper and scissors would battle it out on stage when we were called! Fun, I know! Our group won “Most Creative Costume” all thanks to my co!! She not only thought of the idea, but was crafty enough to be able to make them as well. When asked why we should win, the rock replied “Because Rock, Paper, Scissors rocks!” She couldn’t have said it any better.

20121101-171742.jpg There was group presentations, a nerd party ( a group dressed up as nerds, had music playing and threw nerds from the stage!),

20121101-171837.jpg games, trivia, and piñata smashing.

20121101-171934.jpg An amazing night overall, hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween night.

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