Viva la spray paint neighbor!!

I live in an apartment, which means my neighbors and I are close. Not necessarily meaning we are BFF’s, but we have an idea of what goes on in each other’s lives whether we wanted to know or not. My one neighbor, sweet guy, could not for the life of him remember my name. After 6 introductions I gave up, I just figured he would never know my name. Wrong! While he may still not know my real name he apparently has given me a nickname. For good or ill he knows me as the spray paint neighbor, I’m going to go out on a hunch and say doesn’t mean it negatively! You see, I love going to the thrift store, buying something someone else has given up on, giving it a few coats of paint and a new chance in my home!

Today’s find:

8 frames for just $25.44, the variety of sizes and styles are perfect! Now, I’m not sure if you’ve bought any frames recently but it can be expensive!!! This was a steal. Plus the more unique the picture the better chance it will be cheaper! For real. Well I don’t mind the uniqueness of the pictures because what I’m interested in is the frames. For me I like the uniformity of black frames. Don’t get me wrong I have frames that aren’t black but those are not the frames that are hanging on my walls. Those are the ones on my desk, tables, and bookshelves.

After I’ve purchased the frames and get them home I remove the old pictures and glass. Depending on how dirty the frames are I will give them a once over with a wet wipe, and voila! They are ready to be painted!


So I find an old cardboard box or two, grab some frames and head to the grassy area behind my building. Here comes the fun part, let the spray paint begin!!!!


After they have all been painted I have to let them dry, probably my least favorite part of the process. Once they are dry

It’s time to add picture and decorate. I will have to update this once I have all the pictures printed. I was hoping I could get them printed today but to no avail. There are some extra frames in this last picture. It’s been cold so I’ve been saving up my frames for a warm day. What have you spray painted today??

Have a great spray paint Saturday y’all!

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