Boyd’s Orchard

For the past two years, I’ve had the chance to go to Boyd’s Orchard with the children’s ministry at my church, for what I like to call, “fall family fun festival”. This is the same orchard where I picked 11 pounds of apples and made that delicious apple cake everybody loved. It’s a great day where families and lifegroup leaders get a chance to hang out and have fun while getting to know one another. Today was just a gorgeous Sunday, perfect for finding a pumpkin, playing in the hay, getting lost in a corn maze and then taking a hayride back to the barn for some refreshments and snacks.

There was some awesome things to choose from! I looked forward to their apple cider slushie, which did not disappoint! There were fresh apples, apple donuts (another super yummy snack), homemade fudge, and many other greats treats. Being able to enjoy the outside with friends is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. What a blessing today was :) Hope you all had a great fall weekend as well!!

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