Home Stretch – Workout Challenge #2

Will I make it?

With less than two weeks left until my challenge is completed. To be honest I don’t think that I will make the weight goal, if it was to lose 15 inches instead of 15 pounds I probably would make it though. Am I upset that I’m not going to accomplish this? Maybe a little but not too much and here’s why:

1. The last time I took measurements I had lost about 4 pounds, but 12 inches! Both of those losses are huge for me, because my scale has not moved in about year not up or down I was stuck. That fact that it did go down shows that my scale isn’t broken, yay! As for the inches, I’ve lost a foot!! I take my measurements from several places (arms, bust, waist, abs, hips, and thighs) so I have toned up all over. I would rather lose inches and talked about that before here

2. I’m healthy, and that was the main focus throughout my entire challenge. I wanted to lose weight but in a healthy and maintainable way. The way the inches have dropped I’m sure the pounds will come off soon. I also feel amazing!! Being able to see muscle definition in my body is awesome. To know that I am getting stronger and eating healthy makes me feel so good. From exercising on a regular basis my energy has increased so much! I workout in the morning, because of the change in my schedule (getting up at 5am) I’ve been resting better as well. When I go to bed I have no problem at all falling asleep and staying asleep during the night. My mood has been a lot better, well at least when I make sure to bring snacks with me to work. But I think most people can be grumpy when they are hungry.

3. I can maintain this lifestyle. I know that I haven’t completed this challenge yet, but while there have been some major changes to my lifestyle they are not changes that cannot be maintained. For example I wake up earlier than I used to (although some days, like today, I just stay in my bed!), workout at least 3 times a week, and eat healthy, and all three of these changes are major changes to my lifestyle but are maintainable.

Major Takeaways:
1. The weight loss will happen, just maybe not as quickly as I thought.
2. I’m being healthy.
3. I feel great!!
4. The changes are maintainable.

“Fitness is not something you achieve and forget, it’s something you attain and maintain” -Bonnie Pfiester

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